How Industrial Design Contributes to a Successful Product Launch

January 13, 2021
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How Industrial Design Contributes to a Successful Product Launch

Orchestrating a successful product launch is not as easy as it looks. In fact, according to recent studies, ninety-five percent of launches are deemed unsuccessful. Why is this? Well, according to Designstein Studios, an industrial design company, the rate of success is largely tied to a brand’s commitment to planning, development, and execution. However, even with the most motivated product development team, sometimes ideas can get muddled or mishandled throughout the process.


Many businesses turn to industrial design services to boost their eventual product launch by executing these key development steps: 


Product Development Begins with Solving a Problem


When you’re designing a new product for the market, you must remember first and foremost that the goal is to fill a need that is currently unmet. This means innovation but it also means lots of market research. Industrial design companies in California consider products with regard to their current (or projected) demand and then work through engineering requirements, user safety, manufacturability, and performance characteristics amongst other things that make a launch more successful. If there is already competition, then your product must distinguish itself from the rest by proving that it is better at solving the consumer’s problem, both in functionality and aesthetic. 


Prototypes and Tests


Besides starting with a great idea, a successful product launch also depends on the amount of time that is spent on prototyping and testing to optimize a product’s capabilities. An industrial design company can better revise a design once there is a clear understanding of how it is working and not working in its current state. The worst thing you can do is launch a product before it is ready for the market. Tests should be conducted by field experts and the target customer should be involved in one way or another. Organizing a focus group can help you learn what your potential buyer wants from your product. This ultimately translates to how the product can sell better when it launches. 


Production Preparation


Once your product is fully optimized, it will enter into the manufacturing phase. You should keep in mind that marketing efforts will be involved throughout the development process in order to prepare your target audience for the launch of the product. Production, while not as exciting as the initial design and optimization of the product, is still a very important step that must be taken care of in order to ensure a successful product launch. There must be clear communication between manufacturing suppliers and partners in order to iron out any issues with the supply chain. This includes acquiring raw materials, production itself, packaging, staffing, and distribution methods. These logistics must be fully handled in order to have a smooth and successful launch. 


Product launches can take months or even years, which can be an investment in itself. In order to increase your chances of success, allow a bit of flexibility in the plans. Products should develop naturally, according to the needs of the consumer, and should not be forced on an unwilling market. Make sure to leave room for improvement and have an open mind when it comes to innovation.


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