Product Design Companies Bring Projects From Conception to Completion

May 21, 2018
May 21, 2018 administrator

Product Design Companies Bring Projects From Conception to Completion

At DesignStein Studios, we pride ourselves on bringing projects to fruition. That means we take a hands-on approach from conception through manufacturing, development of a prototype, advertising, and getting the product onto store shelves. We’re always pleased when we meet or exceed a client’s expectations, as has been the case with this latest product, the RC Robotic Arm Control for Kids.


In High Demand


The Robotic Arm is intended for use by children, and to that end, it was designed to be very easy to control. It’s for ages eight and up, but adults seem to like it too, as it conforms to a general sense of sci-fi or futuristic fun that seems universal, encompassing all age groups. It’s also gender neutral, as we wanted to be sure that any child would enjoy it. The Arm comes with a remote control, like an RC car, and its uses are virtually limitless. A child might use it to pick up their toys, so cleanup becomes a game. It has heavy-duty tank treads so that it will go up and over just about any obstacle with no trouble at all. These Arms came out in time for the holidays and sold very well, but there’s nothing to say that you couldn’t get one for your child as a birthday present, or for any other occasion that warrants a special treat.


The Technology


One of the aspects of this toy that’s so appealing is that the design is relatively rudimentary, yet there’s a sleek, futuristic look to it. With a 2.4 gigahertz remote, you can control the arm from all the way across the room. All you need is 4 D batteries, and you’re all set for action. The pivot points means that the claw is flexible as well as durable. The turn ratio is fully 360 degrees in either direction. Part of what is so engrossing about this product is that while it’s easy to get the basics of the maneuverability with the remote control, you can keep getting better at using it as you practice. That’s why it’s probably not the best choice for children under eight; you need some degree of hand-eye coordination to master picking up smaller objects and moving them around.


At DesignStein, we’re thrilled that one of our creations made such an impact during the holiday season, and there’s no reason this product can’t continue to be a bestseller year-round. It’s a perfect example of what product design companies like us is all about: bringing an idea to life. It’s that facilitation of every stage of the creative process that makes DesignStein a force in the arena of product design companies.