May 1, 2014 administrator

DesignStein Studios Starts Another Big Project!

DesignStein Studios is happy to announce winning the bid with Eric Racoonsin, serial entrepreneur for over 40 years, on “Doob-Ease” an easy to use joint roller for the modern day smoker.

The medicinal and recreational use of marijuana is becoming more and more rampant and widespread, drawing new emerging companies and products to the industry. Eric has come up with a unique and innovative concept on a age-old design of commonplace cigarette rollers. “The majority of people who favor joints over other means of smoking marijuana can’t roll on their own so they succumb to purchasing the old, clumsy cigarette rollers that have been on the market for decades with no advancement. My concept will include gears, an easy-load wrapper guide and thumb wheels on either side. Pressing down on the rollers to roll the joint is a thing of the past. With my new concept anyone who has or has not rolled a joint in their lives will be able to roll one perfectly and easily the first time, every time!”

With Eric’s passion and track record for launching and selling innovative products over his lifetime we know this one will be a blockbuster. We look forward to evolving this concept from his vision to a tangible product very soon. Keep your eyes open at your local head shop for this amazing new product!